Bronze Turbine
Purchase of new 5 axis machining and turning centers

To offer to its customers the best possible services, the corporation renewed a part of his equipment, as she does regularly. She has purchased two 5 axis machining and turning centers Deckel Maho 50 V Evolution of which one is a Linear. She also enriched herself with a digital control lathes DMG CTX 420 Linear Siemens with Y axis. Always to satisfy the best quality standards, and to produce with the shortest delays.

8 manufacturing centers, of which five 5 axis, the corporation is today able to take several complex projects at the same time.
Molybdenum satellite part
Bronze turbine
More and more complex products

In its effort to increase its work with major laboratories and high technology clients, the company made a very special molybdenum part for the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatial in Paris, working for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Designed to be integrated in a universe exploration satellite, the manufacturing
of this part was initially a challenge, due to the material, molybdenum
(see properties in Materials page), which is difficult to work with, and due to its shape (part was to have a deep groove generating a real rupture risk).

Further proof that Pennacchiotti Sarl has the varied skills and advanced machines to machine any type of material and make the most complex shapes.

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Compressor yoke
Molybdenum satellite part
Compressor yoke
(Institut Laue-Langevin)
New building, new address

At the end of the 2002 summer, the company moved to a new building in Meylan (east suburb of Grenoble, direction of Chambéry). This building is1000 meters squares (former 200 meters squares), completely air-conditioned, which permitted to reorganize the workstations and the spaces of circulation of the men and products.

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Electroforming and wire electro-erosion

To the request of its customers, Pennachiotti Sarl specialized itself in a new activity, electroforming and wire electro-erosion. To this purpose, the company bought all the necessary heavy equipments, which are a Robot 290 Charmilles wire machine, and a Charmilles electro-erosion machine.
Pennacchiotti Sarl and the inconel

The corporation became in some years a recognized specialist of the manufacturing of the inconel. This materials, used for the pieces which need a very strong resistance, as for example the turbines of airplanes, is very hard to work with, for very abrasive. The company equipped itself with specifical tools to work the most complex pieces in inconel.

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Travail du fil, Robofil 290 Charmilles
Usinage sur DMU 50 eVo Linear