From its start, due to its speciality, high precision mechanics, Pennacchiotti lent high importance to the quality of its products.In addition to a number of advanced machines, inspection phases are included throughout and of course at the end of the manufacturing process (see "machines" section).
The company is frequently audited by some major client groups, and is certified by Air Liquide.
It has also been ISO 9002 certifiable since 1997.

But quality is first men and women giving their best. Pennacchiotti's team is young, strong, highly qualified, and attends regular training session to improve its know how and efficiency.

It achieves the most specific objectives with passion and enthusiasm to provide high quality and perfectly finished products.

High precision mechanics
Structure géodésique
Geodesic structure (Cyberstar)
Gamma ray detector box
Gamma ray detector box
Aluminium Synchrotron experience support (SRF)
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