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Specialised in high precision mechanics, the company distinguishes itself by the quality of its products and by its ability to work with any type of metal, such as steel, stainless steel, iron, bronze, aluminium, titanium, but also other less know ones such as dilver, kovar, inconel, molybdenum, mu-metal, nickel, tantalum, tungsten, etc..., and also plastics and compounds.

The company is equipped to make prototypes or single parts, and to produce small or large series. The parts presented here are only a brief preview of Pennacchiotti Sarl's numerous products.

Do not hesitate to come to us with your technical issues. The company will be glad to help you with its knowledge and numerous years of experience and to determine with you the most suitable and appropriate solutions, and fabricate your products in close co-operation with your research department, without any error or information loss.

Titanium compressor yoke
Titanium compressor yoke
(Institut Laue-Langevin)
High precision mechanics

Nuclear physics instrumentation:
- gamma ray detector (Cyberstar)
- translation unit (Cyberstar)

Aluminium revolving plate (AZ Système)
Goniometre (AZ Système)
Scrolling part for PVC film
Professional Aaton camera
Aaton.. A - Minima
Professional Aaton camera
List of the technical operations realised by the company

Conventional turning, machining on turning center, milling, 4 axis milling, 5 axis milling, cnc machining, precision cnc machining, rhone alpes machining, machining on machining center, machining on drilling and tapping center, hight speed machining, centering, drilling, micro drilling, tapping, boring, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, honing, electroforming, electro erosion, wire electro erosion, wire working, tool making, engraving, marking, complete sub unit mounting, prototype maker.

Main materials

Steel, inox, special steels, steel alloys, titanium, aluminum, aluminium, inconel, molybdenum, nickel, nickel malloys, tantalum, mu-metal, iron, special non ferrous alloys, tungstene, bronze, copper, chromium, manganese, plastics ( PA, POM, PEAD, PETP, PEEK, PTFE, PMMA, VESPEL) , composite materials.